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Jupiter ACE Fanzine Mags

There are three Jupiter ACE fanzines produced the first being ACE User. Ace User ran for four issues during in 1882/83, produced in an A5 double page format by the Jupiter ACE users Club, published by REMSOFT based in Brighton. John Noyce was the editor and collator of material sent by Jupiter ACE users. The magazine its self was hard to read due to the photocopying methods used at that time. Subscription was £7 for three newsletters per year.

When Jupiter Cantab stoped trading the only support for ACE users was the users club, with limited Jupiter ACE subscribers it seemed to be good time to widen the coverage to other Forth users so the publication was renamed Forth User, and was published as Volume 2 issue one in 1982 still as an A5 double page format. The publication new featured more typed material and was easier to read with more material from user. Subscription costs remained the same as before. REMSOFT now also started to produce programs on cassette tape for the ACE. Boldfield computing by now had bought the Jupiter ACE stock and was selling it off. Forth User came to a stop with volume 3 issues 1-3, a bumper issue in 1985. In the editorial page 3 John Noyce writes, This is the final issue of Forth User. I have had many abusive letters for running late in publication. He goes on to say, He has no further interest in publishing a magazine in this field.

In January 1987 Micro Mart published an advert about a new support group for the Jupiter ACE - The Jupiter ACE User group headed by John Charter. John was hoping to put together the remains ACE users spread around the world. A circular newsletter was published after newsletter number 3 the publication ceased.

1983/84 ACE User Fanzine
Ace User Intro
ACE User Intro
Ace User 1
ACE User 1
Ace User 2
ACE User 2
Ace User 3
ACE User 3
Ace User 4
ACE User 4
1984/85 FORTH User Fanzine [formerly ACE User]
Forth User 1
Vol 2 No1
Forth User 1 &2
Vol 2 No2 & 3
Forth User 1+2
Vol 3 No1-3
1987/88 Jupiter ACE FORTH User Group
enquiry letter
Enquiry Letter
newsletter 1
Newsletter 1
newsletter 2
Newsletter 2
newsletter 3
Newsletter 3
User exchange
User exchange