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Thank you!
C Dooley
- For permission to use Centipede
see here

Keith Murphy
- Jupiter Cantab 48K RAMpack images

John Cole
- Computing ToDay articles :-
Leendert A. Hartog.
- Callisto

Ricardo Fernandes Lopes
- for his Ace Mines Game - listing, snapshot,
   Tape, and wave files.

Ricardo has updated his very useful Jupiter Ace Reference Card for the Aces Forth words.

Bo Pettersson - Swedish Ace Advert

Julian Skidmore
- Life program

George Baker
- For some Jupiter Ace Docs
    including Jet-Disc schematics

Lee V
- For some Jupiter Ace listings and Docs
    [to be uploaded soon]

Andy Collins
- For his fathers Jupiter Ace software 
    Games Cassette No1

Professor J.V. Noble
- Jupiter Ace Hardware Maths Co-processor

Bob S
- Go Forth and Multiply article photos form
   Personal Computer World Dec. 1981
Adam Spry
- Puzzle/Bombs inlays scans, cassette scan
  and wave files.
Dr. John Evans
- for scans and documents for;
  Expansion motherboard
  Printer Card

Jolyon Ralph
- Win An Ace
Martyn Smith
- Loader listing Scan,
  Popular Computing Weekly Review
John King

- Scans of cassette inlays and cassette
   bodies of the following Cyanus,
   Atic raid, Database , Spreadsheet,
   Fish/Flutter, Gobbledegook, Othello,
   Moo/Hangman, Greedy gobbler/Blowing up
   the world,Monitor, Zombies & Potholes,
   Missle man/Spacefighter pilot,
   Overtaker/Brandshatch, Five ace programs,
   Black island adventure
Hans Otten

- Radio Bulletin - Ace Review pages.
Graeme Burdis

- Micro Maze wav file, cassette body scan,
  also PCB scans
Grant Searle

- DIY Ace
  Build you own Jupiter Ace!
Martyn Smith
- Ace colour baord article
Troels Noergaard - zzace The Jupiter Ace Java emulator.
Stephen Stuttard aka Mort! - Listing scans, for Millipede and Forth Draw
Simon Owen

- Software donation, Triple Pack, Greedy
   Gobbler, Spreadsheet, Othello, Zombies
   and Potholes.
Paul Robson

- Ace32 ms-dos Emulator, and use of other
Edwin Blink - Blaze and more.

Geoff Wearmouth - rom listing.

Neal Crook - Blank issue 2 pcb scans.
Trevor Gowen - Application Circuits.
Martin Greenbank

- Photos Copies of manuals, Database
- Spreadsheet and Utilities
old-computers.com - Software collection images.