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Full title Ace Pack 2 (Defence, Code Breaker, Sketch and Racer)
Year of release 1983
Publisher Dream Software
Producer / Author(s) A. Hinkly.
Memory 3 k
Type Game
Original Cost £5.95
Instructions yes

1 - Defence - instructions.
Fast space game with machine code action.
To Load type;
load defence GO

left = Z
right = X
Fire = 0

2 - Code Breaker - instructions.
To Load the game type;
Load codebreake

To Start Game type 'GO'

You have 10 guesses to break the four digit code using number 1 to 6.
Make your guess with keys 1 to 6

A solid o indicates a correct number but in the wrong order.
A o indicates the number is in the correct place.

The in-game title is 'Mastermind'

3 - Sketch.
Basic screen drawing program.

To Load Type ;
load sketch GO

up = 6
left = 5
right = 8

Toggle pen on = 1
Toggle pen off = 0

There's no way to save work from within the program, but you can press Break and Space. This will drop you into FORTH and you can save the display with '8192 768 BSAVE filename'.

4 - Racer.
Try and avoid the pedestrians at high speed.

To Load game type;
load racer GO

Left = 5
Right = 8

Enter GO to replay

Screen shots
Dreamsoft - Defence    Dreansoft -Codebreaker

Defence and Code Breaker

Dreamsoft - Racer    Dreamsoft - Sketch

Racer and Sketch

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