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Full title Firebird.
Year of release 1983
Publisher Voyager Software
Producer / Author(s) Guy Wilkinson [see Voyager Software]
Memory 19K
Type Game
Original Cost £4.50

To Load and run the game type:

load FIREBIRD run


On the first level your aim is to destroy the six alien fuel cells at the top of the screen. These are shown by 0. You must also avoid the saucer which follows your movements.The only way of avoiding it is to shoot it down or hyper spacing out of the way.
When you arrive at the second Level you must shoot down eight birds. There are two birds at a time and eight or these must be shot down in order to get on to level 3. In addition to that you must avoid the saucer and meteorites as in Level 1. The birds are ghosts and work together. They flash alternately to try and trick you. The birds are harmless to your ship.

5 - LEFT 6 - RIGHT
Downloads Tap file Ace snapshot file
  Blaze file Wave file

Advert in Popular Computing Weekly 14-20 April 1983 Issue.
Screen shot



Tape inlay image
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