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Year of release
Colin Dooley
Producer / Author(s)
never sold

This game was recovered from a working Deep Thought disc drive system 5.25 floppy disc. Colin Dooley the author of Valkyr thought that it was never released or sold. A few days after the recovery of the disc data a tape version was donated to the archive by Dean Lowery with inlay artwork as seen below. The tape side B was corrupted so the second file 'Life' has been lost unless you can help find it?

A version of Valkyr did make it to the MSX computer format.
Original Cost

The year is 3066 and the last battles against the Valkyrian invasion forces are being fought in the star system Hastius.
After suffering heavy losses in the early stages of the war, the Terrans have withdrawn to the planet Harolus to make a stand.
Latest reports indicate that the invaders have broken through the outer defences and cut off supplies of Xeryllium crystals - so necessary for Terran weapons.
The Valkyrian battle forces consist of waves of remote control drones a and a mother ship. To destroy a wave, simply destroy the mother ship a the drone ships then cease attack and can be easily destroyed.
Unfortunately the only weapon able to function without Xeryilium is the Kil-O-zap laser, but this has no effect on mother ships.
However there is hope for mankind.
The drone ships use Xerylllium power sources which can survive the ships destruction. IF you can collect enough of these your pulse bomb can be charged and used to destroy the mother ship. Catch them as they fall.
The mother ship will not attack straight away but will only tolerate losses for a certain time. Its patience Level is shown at the top of the screen.
Game options:
Speed of alien ships:
(S) Sloth,
(H) Human,
(M) Mental, or
(P) On prune juice and Guiness!
Speed of bombs / crystals:
(S) Slow,
(P) Possible, or
(C) Close your eyes and hope!
Sound output:
(A) ACE sound, or
(S) Soundbox. EME/Boldfield)
Game Controls:
Use 'J' and 'L' to move left and right, or BoLdfield joystick if you have one.
For safety reasons, you need to press Keys 'A' and 'S' together to detonate the pulse bomb (Or wiggle your joystick up and down if you are using one)
To select Keyboard/joystick use'J' and 'K'.
Screen Shots
Valkyr screenshot Valkyr screenshot
Valkyr screenshot Valkyr screenshot
Valkyr screenshot Valkyr screenshot
Valkyr screenshot Valkyr screenshot
Tape Inlay
Valkyr tape inlay
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