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Full title Utilities Tape - copy
Year of release 1985
Publisher Boldfield Computing
Producer / Author(s) Charles Wehner
Memory 3k
Type AceForth Word
Original Cost £9.89
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The first routine in this section is a single command called COPY. This machine code word reproduces a copy of the current screen image on the printer. It uses the standard ACE character set regardless of whether you have redefined them or not. To make an exact copy of a screen with redefined characters you would use a more advanced technique - see later. Normally, you would load this word (load copy) along with your own program so that you can get a hard copy of the screen at any time by simply entering COPY. You may of course prefer to enter INVIS COPY to prevent the command itself from being printed.
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  Blaze file Wav file
Tape inlay image

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