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Full title Cygnus
Year of release 1984
Publisher Boldfield Computing
Producer / Author(s) R Roberts
Memory 19 k
Type Game
Original Cost £5.95


Load and run the program by entering:

   load cygnus g

or for JOYSTICK control by entering:

   load cygnus joy g


The deep space cargo vessel CYGNUS has been attacked by pirates from the evil planet Retipujeca. It is believed that all the crew were killed, and the entire cargo stolen. As team leader of the galaxy patrol squad responsible for this sector, it is your job to investigate the apparently lifeless spacecraft, and to report back to headquarters on Earth.

The final approach to CYGNUS is made by backpack due to the boarding hatch being destroyed in the attack. You decided to go alone, because most people consider you unworthy of the leadership posting, and you need to prove to the world that you not just a trumped up. whimpish nerk.


Move around the ship as you wish, to carry out your investigation. You only have a limited supply of ammunition for your laser gun, so use it wisely
The ship suffered an air leak during the raid, but luckily the amount of usable supply remaining is displayed on the screen.

Joystick Control

Up, down, left and right are the only directions allowed.
The FIRE button controls your laser gun, which you also point by using the joystick.

The FIRE button replaces ENTER throughout the game, but other keyboard entries are required from time to time.

Screen shot



Tape inlay image

Cassette image:

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