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Name FontEd
Year of release Feb 2007
Publisher Ricardo Fernandes Lopes
Producer / Author(s) Ricardo Fernandes Lopes
Memory 3k
Type Util
Original Cost PD
Fonted is an excellent character editor written in AceForth. It allows you to create new fonts for use with your own programs. Ricardo has also included three example fonts, original Ace font, PC font and Atari XL font see the screen shots below.

Load and run FontEd with:

LOAD fonted FED

Use the following keys to control the editor:

I,J,K,L  Move the Cursor
T         Toogle the selected pixel
C         Clear all pixels of the current character
P         Select the previous character
N         Select the next character
A         Select a character by it's ASCII code
Q         Quit the program

After creating/editing your fonts, quit (Q) the editor and save on tape using:

  FONT BSAVE myfont

To load back a font file and edit it again use:


To use a font file in a program you can load it directly to the character generator memory with:

  11264 1024 BLOAD myfont

To save only a subset of the entire font set use the words FROM and TO.

Example: Saving from ASCII 65 to 90 (only the uppercase chars)

  65 FROM 90 TO BSAVE uppercase

Load it back to edit with:

  65 FROM 90 TO BLOAD uppercase FED

You can read the code in the listing archive

Screen shot

original Ace font

PC font and Atari XL fonts
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