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Magic Floor
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Martin Korth
Martin Korth
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Freeware sample

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Magic Floor is a Freeware game sample included with the no$cash ZX emulator. The Jupiter ACE is also emulated with a assembler built into the emulator (A22i) that was used to write the source code for Magic Floor.

Its a small search game (Martin Korth's own idea ZX81 and Jupiter ACE sample source code for A22i-assembler can be found on the no$cash ZX emulator website).
The ACE picture is drawn to 1K BG Tile Memory the player sprite is drawn/moved by manipulating two BG tiles at the player location. The sound engine is using some PWM to produce noise and a simple volume envelope.
In This Game, You Are A Boulder, And Yesterday You Have Discovered A Hidden Underground Hall In Your Magic Cellar. At The First Glance It Appeared To Be Just Empty, But At Closer Look It Turned Out To Be Having A Very Funny Be-Witched Floor...
The Floor Cells Are Made Of Four Shades Of Brightness. The Magic Floor Gives You One Point When Moving From A Darker Field To A Field Of Next Higher Brightness Or When Moving From The Brightest To Darkest Colour.
Arrow Symbols Show Up To Indicate Your Tracks, You May Repeat These Moves Again, But No Further Points Are Given. You Can Move Freely Between Field Of Same Brightness. Other Moves Are Not Possible.
Today You Have Decided To Play With Your New Floor And To See How Many Points You Can Get. Cursor-Keys Are Used To Move Around. Hold Down The Space Key To Jump To A More Distant Field.

To Load type

0 0 bload

and the game will autorun.

Screen Shots

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