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Full title Memory Stars
Year of release 1982
Publisher Hi-Tech Microsoft
Producer / Author(s) Ralph Hilton
Memory 3k or 16k
Type Game
Original Cost £6.50
Memory Stars (3k)

Devised and written by Ralph Hilton

An exciting memory game that gives you five levels of skill, three chances per game and full musical sound. Remember what your micro plays and position of the stars.

Repeat what you see and hear:
Press key 1 for top left.
Press key 2 for top right.
Press key 3 for bottom left.
Press key 4 for bottom right.

It's a challenging game on level 1. Go on to the other levels for confusion and frustration!

(follow instructions carefully.)
Type in LOAD RUN
Press enter key, then start tape.
When OK appears on screen.
Type in RUN to start, then press enter key. Then follow instructions on screen.

Downloads Tap file Ace snapshot file
  Blaze file Wave file
Screen shot


Tape inlay image

Cassette image:


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