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Full title Moo and Hangman
Year of release 1983
Publisher Jupiter Cantab
Producer / Author(s) P A Vickers and R A Vickers
Memory 3 k
Type Games
Original Cost £5.95

Load the program by entering

    load moo

Run by entering


The aim is to guess a four digit number which the Ace has thought of. All the digits are different. After each guess the Ace tells you how many digits from your guess are in the number and in the right position (bulls) and how many are in the number but in the wrong place (cows).

Follow the instructions displayed by the program to set up the number, and then enter your guesses.


Load the program by entering

    load hangman get c1 c2

Run by entering


This is a game for two. When the Ace asks 'word?', player 1 enters a word (without player 2 looking). After 'level?' the players enter an agreed difficulty level between 0 (easy) and 11 (difficult). Player 2 now guesses by typing in letters.
Downloads Tap file Ace snapshot file
  Blaze file Wav file
Screen shots

Moo screen shot

Hangman screen shots


Tape inlay image

Cassette image:

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