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Full title Sudoku
Year of release 2007
Publisher Ricardo Fernandes Lopes
Producer / Author(s) Ricardo Fernandes Lopes
Memory 19 k
Type Game
Original Cost PD

How to Play Sudoku?
Sudoku requires no calculation or arithmetic skills. It is essentially a game of placing numbers in squares, using very simple rules of logic and deduction. It can be played by children and adults and the rules are simple to learn.

Sudoku Objective
The objective of the game is to fill all the blank squares in a game with the correct numbers. There are three very simple constraints to follow. In a 9 by 9 square Sudoku game:

  • Every row of 9 numbers must include all digits 1 through 9 in any order
  • Every column of 9 numbers must include all digits 1 through 9 in any order
  • Every 3 by 3 subsection of the 9 by 9 square must include all digits 1 through 9

Every Sudoku games begins with a number of squares already filled in, and the difficulty of each game is largely a function of how many squares are filled in. The more squares that are known, the easier it is to figure out which numbers go in the open squares. As you fill in squares correctly, options for the remaining squares are narrowed and it becomes easier to fill them in.

Ricardo adds, "Of course it's not as sophisticated as the ones designed for the current O.S. of today. It does not generate new puzzles, nor solves them, not even check when a puzzle is solved by the user. But...
It gives some hints as you move the cursor around and there are 20 pages of sudoku puzzles that can be played, edited and saved."
"My approach was to design something near a sudoku paper book. So you can browse the pages at will and work on any puzzle for a while then move to another and play with it and when you're bored you can save the entire book with all your previous inputs and continue playing on a later time."
Load and play Sudoku with:


The cursor can be moved with;-

I to move up
J to move left
K to move down
L to move right

As you move, the allowed values are showed just bellow the puzzle frame.

To enter a number, just type it. It will be accepted if valid.

To clear a cell input use the 0 (zero) key.

With the N and P keys it is possible to choose one of the 20 pages to play.

Use the C key to clear all inputs on a page and start over.

The E key toggles between edit and play modes.

The Q key quits the game.

After quiting you can "save mysudoku" to continue playing it later.

To create more sudoku puzzles Ricardo found this site very useful, a free sudoku program by Monges Kjaer that can generate nice puzzles.

Ricardo has also released the code listing for Sudoku. - thanks!

Screen shot

Puzzle 0 opening screen , and same puzzle solved.

Edit mode screen.

This image shows the Font used in Sudoku,
the TAP file for this font is in the download file.
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