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Full title Superchess II
Year of release 1983
Publisher CP Software
Producer / Author(s) Chris Whittington & Steven Vickers
Memory 19 K
Type Game
Original Cost £11.95
Instructions The original instructions are missing.

Load and run the program by entering:
load chess run

Decide if you wish to play a fresh start (PLAY), or to position the
pieces to represent a game in progress (ANALYSE).
Press either P or A (P=Play, A=Analyse)

Now you have the choice of colour (remember white starts first !)
Press either B or W (B=Black. W=White)
Next choose how difficult to make the game. This is achieved by selecting how many moves ahead the computer should consider before making it's decisions. The range is 0 to 6. (Note: at the higher levels, the time taken for the computer to decide can be considerable)

To make your move enter the reference of the square containing the piece to be played, followed by the reference of it's destination.
eg. D2D4 (typical opening move by White)

If the move is legal, the layout is changed and any captured pieces are removed. The computer detects illegal moves, and is kind enough to allow you to try again !
To CASTLE you only have to enter the King's move.
If you want the computer to RECOMMEND your next move:
Press R (Note: It is only a recommendation — you can still make any other move)
To enable you to cheat (as if you would!), or to reposition the board for other reasons: Press X (this then allows ANALYSE to be selected)

Change any square by entering it's reference, followed by a piece type
(q)=Blank. P=Pawn. N=Knight, B=Bishop, R=Rook. Q=Queen, K=King) followed by piece colour (B= Black, W=White),
followed by whether or not the piece has been moved yet (Y=Yes, N=No) When everything is set to your liking:
Press X
Now choose colour and difficulty. and who's turn it is to move (B or W).

Other info:
There has been much argument back in 1983 between Artic and CP Software over claims for the ZX Spectrum 48K version, Artic saying their equivalent game beats CP´s every time.
Screen shot

CP Superchess II Start options CP Superchess II game board
Start options and game board screen shots
CP Superchess II illegal move screen CP Superchess II Analyse screen
Illegal move and analyse mode screen shots
Cassette image:
Cassette scan
Cassette inlay:

Advert in Home Computing Weekly No.17, June 28 - 4 July , 1983, page 28
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