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PK Custom Ace
The first of our custom Aces in this new part of the archive.

Note: That the Images TAB has been renamed to Hardware to
reflect the contents.
with two new sub sections Customised Aces and Hardware Projects

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31 August 06

Series: More on Forth
a 4 page magazine article form Computing ToDay May 1983.

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30 August 06

Aces Power Pack images
Just for the record some images of the very scarce power pack.

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27 August 06

ACF 4 Rev f [preview]
A WIP preview of the ACF4 - the Compact flash storage and 96KRampack projects in one pcb design.

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25 August 06

96K RAMpack
update 3!

96K Rampack updated.
New images of the added LEDs that indicate which RAM
page (0 or 1) is paged in.

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15 August 06

listing added from Personal Computer World August 1983

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14 August 06

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04 August 06