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Your Computer November 1982 - competition Win a Jupiter ACE

In the pull out centre pages readers of Your Computer could enter a competition to win an ACE.

Competition results

The PRIZE for the November competition was a Jupiter Ace, currently unique among micros in having Forth rather than Basic as its resident language. No less than 128 people hit upon " go Forth and multiply" to complete the sentence " The Ace would help me ...".

Some people introduced a touch o f variety by tagging " by Jupiter" or "by Jove" on the end. A single dissident voice rang out from P Riley with "go Forth and mystify".

But still reeling from this torrent of identical entries we made the winner R Gibson, 39 Lisburne Lane, Offerton, Stockport, Cheshire for his straightforward "go Forth and become an Ace programmer".

Other notable entries, which also managed to break away from the standard formula, were J Gearing's "injupiterbly" and "play my other cards better - especially my graphics packs" from L Unstead-Joss. In an allusion to a claim Sinclair once made for the ZX-81, G Mason suggested that the Ace would "help me run my nuclear power station"