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Hi-Tech Microsoft. (Ralph Hilton)
We are sorry to say that we know very little about this software house that produced a range of titles for the Jupiter Ace back in 1983. All the titles seemed to have been devised and written by Ralph Hilton based in Whitfield, Dover, Kent. The tapes have been professional produced with a printed cassette body and inlays. The inlays follow the same artwork layout for each title using the futuristic computer font the type that banks use in cheque book numbering( see below). Ralph also had an article printed in Your Computer Magazine, March, 1983. The two page article gives details on how to create maze - pac-man type games for the Ace (the article can be found here).

Ralph also had an article in Electronics & Computing May 1982 page 42 This article details the listing and theory behind a program that enables one to scramble screens of data in such a fashion that they can only be decoded by use of a specific codeword. This is not a simple substitution code that can be broken by studying the frequencies of symbols but one that uses a bit by bit coding available with the use of the exclusive-or function of the Ace. Ralph was also a frequent contributor to ACE USER magazines.

Inlay from Hi-Tech Microsoft
Inlay from Hi-Tech with their distinctive artwork.

HiTech Microsoft
Your Computer Magazine advert, May 1983, Page 166.

Where is he now?
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