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Micro Marketing
We do not know much about Micro Marketing. Micro Marketing were based in London that originally wholesaled the Ace. A few titles for the Ace were produced and sold under their own software label. Their cassette inlay artwork followed the same style from title to title. Micro Marketing may have also had a hand in getting Stonechip Electronics to produce a RAM pack for the Ace. It was noted in Ace User issue 2 page 21 that Micro Marketing were about to market a 16K RAM pack.
In Ace user issue 3 page 29 it was reported that Micro Marketing had stopped trading. We would like to find out who wrote the software for Micro Marketing or anything else Jupiter Ace related to Micro Marketing. The archive team have not yet found any adverts of Micro Marketings products as of yet. If you have any information please make contact.

Where are the Micro Marketing guys now?

Unknown, if you do please let us know.