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AMI SoundKit.

Full title AMI SoundKit.
Year of release 2007
Publisher JAAT
Producer / Author(s) JAAT
Memory 19k
Type Utility
Cost : PD
Download AMI Sound Kit [CRC32 D7AFC076]
Distribution Permission Allowed | Group 1


This sound Toolkit software is for use with the AMI Project. The sound chip in AMI is an AY-8910.It's 3-voice programmable sound generator can be experimented with using this sound kit program. The program is easy to use.

1 Moves the > arrow cursor.
3 Triggers the envelope shape.
6 Increases the reg values.
7 Decreases the reg values.
0 Resets all registers.

At the bottom of the screen are the BITs of reg 7. Reg 7's bits control the Tone and Noise out-puts. When bits 0-5 are set (1) the channel is OFF. When bits 0-5 are reset (0) the channel is ON. If the arrow > is pointed at an I/O port a constant update of the port value will be shown.

This program was first published in Forth User Vol.2 No 2/3 1984 and has been changed to work with AMI by the Jupiter Ace Archive Team.

Program listing see here

Screen shots