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Jupiter ACE Hardware Index

This is where you will find any Jupiter Ace Hardware, project, enthusiasts modifications, and other hardware items that have been published in magazines.
Ace Schematics
Jupiter ACE 3K issue 1 and 2 Schematics
Jupiter ACE4000 Schematics
Jupiter Cantab 16K RAM pack schematics - MIA
Jupiter Cantab 48K RAM pack schematics - MIA

Chip Locations
ACE Chip ID & Location
The Z80 CPU
ACE ROMs [EPROMs] information
Misc Parts

Pin outs, Teardown
Tear Down: How to open your Jupiter ACE's Case
Ports Pin-out Details - by Edwin Blink

Jupiter ACE Models
Jupiter ACE Overview
Jupiter ACE UK Version Issue 00
Jupiter ACE UK Version Issue 01
Jupiter ACE UK Version Issue 02
Jupiter ACE4000
Jupiter ACE16+
Jupiter ACE Turn-key System (TKS)

ACE peripherals
Printer Card
ADS Centronics Interface -  (ADS Centronics Interface Review)

Gray Scale Board - Graphics board by StuSoft
Sanyo DM 2112 monitor
EB Video Board (How to hook up your ACE to a monitor) - by Edwin Blink
KL Video Board

Big Mouth - Speech board unit
AY-3-8910 PSG by Lex Van Sonderen.
White Echo Sound amplifier, loading and saving unit.
Sound box  (EME Sound Box Review)
96K RAM and AY Module by Klaudiusz Fatla.
Joystick Interface

Deep Thought - disc drive interface
Jet-Disc - disc drive interface

Memotech Keyboard

SO Breakout Board
Motherboard Expansion Card
ADS ZX81 converter board
Trumpcard - by Innovonics
Twisterboard - by Klaudiusz Fatla

The ACEs Power Pack images just for the record.

RAM Packs
The EB 96K RAM Pack
Jupiter Cantab 16K RAM Pack
Jupiter Cantab 48K RAM Pack
Pace 16K RAM Pack
Pace 16K daughter board
Pace 32K (16K RAM Pack + 16K daughter board)
SH 16k RAM Pack [homebuild]
IBM 16k RAM Pack [Modified Board]
Woodvine 4k RAM Pack [homebuild]
Downsway 48K RAM pack
48k Low Power RAM Pack

RAM packs index

Customised ACE's
Ismael Pérez de Albeniz's. - Home built Jupiter ACE.
Sergio Gimenez ACE's. - Home built Jupiter ACE.
Droy Trastero's. - Home built Jupiter ACE.
EB Customised ACE. - EB's ACE.
RLF Home built ACE. - Ricardo Lope's home built ACE.
TG Customised ACE. - TG's ACE.
CN Customised ACE
PK Customised ACE
PM Customised ACE
Build your own ACE! - by Grant Searle
Customised and Home builds Index

Case Restoration
Case Restoration Project by Roger Liddiard

User Hardware Projects
Overclocking the Jupiter ACE

PCB Parts Library for Design Spark Package
PCB Parts Library for EagleCAD pcb software

ROM select [ROMSL] Modification

AMI V1 - ACE Multi Interface
EB ROM Board Version 2
EB ROM Board (Replacement for the 2532 EPROMs [ACE ROMS]) - by Edwin Blink

ACF 5 interface Current development version ACF 5 Rev-a
ACF 4 Prototype - ACF 4 Ref-f development
ACF 3 prototype - ACF 3 development
ACF 2 prototype - ACF 2 development
ACF 1 prototype - ACF 1 The start!

60Hz TV modification - by Edwin Blink
Traffic lights and Relay board - from the ACE Manual
96k Ram Pack project from Edwin Blink
Jupiter ACE Application Circuits from Trevor Gowen
A Math's Co-processor for the Jupiter ACE Professor J.V. Noble - (Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics, University of Virginia)

Magazine Hardware Articles
Crystal Clear Pictures - article from German magazine c't
The ACE colour Board - ETI Magazine 1984
Joystick Controller from Hobby Electronics August 83
ACE Interface Keyboard Interface from ETI November 1983
Expanding the ACE I/O and RAM project from Hobby Electronics August 1983