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Popular Computing Weekly September 1, 1982, page 22

on Ace
This is a program for the Jupiter Ace computer which disables the listing functions. The routines within Forth programs are very easily transferred from one program to another. It is easy to extract a complex routine from someone else's program and then
utilise it in your own. Perhaps this is a good idea allowing the wide dissemination of ideas and a pooling of programming knowledge.
  However, if you have just written some amazing routine which you wish to keep to yourself at the moment then this program should prove useful. It disables Vlist and List amongst others so that the anatomy of a Forth program cannot be examined. The way it
does it is extremely simple, it just provides dummy definitions with the same names as the functioning words and also makes it difficult to edit them out.
  When you have written and debugged the program which is to be protected, simply type in the security program. Try executing Vlist, etc, and you will see that the only response is an OK printed on the screen.


Written for the Jupiter Ace
by Simon Cross. 1983.

: CALL ;
: EDIT ;
: LIST ;

by Simon Cross