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Digital Retro Book Jupiter Ace Feature

This book tells the story behind 40 classic home computers of an infamous decade, from the dreams and inspiration, through passionate inventors and corporate power struggles, to their final inevitable extinction, and subsequent worship by the nostalgic collectors market. Digital Retro is an essential read for anyone who owned a home computer in the Eighties. A number of machines are covered including, MITS AItair8800, Commodore PET 2001, Apple II, Atari VCS, Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80, NASCOM-1, Sharp MZ-80K, Atari 400/800,Texas Instruments TI-99/4, Mattel Intellivision, Tangerine Microtan, HP-85, Sinclair ZX80, Acorn Atom, Commodore VIC-20, Sinclair ZX81, Osborne 1, IBM PC, BBC Micro, Commodore 64, Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Coleco Vision, GCE/MBVectrex, Grundy Newbrain, Dragon 32, Compaq Portable, Apple Lisa, Oric1, Mattel Aquarius, Nintendo Famicom/NES, Acorn Electron, Sony MSX, Apple Macintosh, Sinclair QL, Amstrad CPC-464, IBM PC AT, Tatung Einstein, Atari ST, Commodore Amiga, Amstrad PCW, Sega Master System, Acorn Archimedes, and the Jupiter Ace.

The Ace is featured in a 4 pages, we would like to thank Ilex Press for permision to use the Jupiter Ace pages. If you would like a copy of the book click on the ILEX link and you can order it from their online bookshop.

Digital Retro by Gordon Laing Book Cover
Digital Retro by Gordon Laing from Ilex Press

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