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Full title : 2048
Tear of release 2015
Publisher Slogger
Producer / Author(s) Slogger
Memory 16k
Type Game
Cost : Public Domain



2048 Jupiter ACE version by Slogger.

load 2048

Q - quit
W - up
A - left
D - right
S - down

2048 is a single-player sliding block puzzle game by 19-year-old Italian web developer Gabriele Cirulli. 2048 was originally written in JavaScript and CSS during a weekend, and released on March 9, 2014, as free and open-source software subject to the MIT license. Clones written in C++ and Vala are available.

The game's objective is to slide numbered tiles on a grid to combine them to create a tile with the number 2048.


2048 [CRC32 268E7480 ]
Distribution Permission Allowed Group 1