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Dreamsoft Ace Pack 1.

Full title Ace Pack 1 [Insect Catcher,Surround,Grand Prix]
Year of release 1983
Publisher Dream Software
Producer / Author(s) A Cranston
Memory 16k
Type Game
Cost : £5.95
Download Ace Pack 1 [CRC32 B94050AB]
Distribution Permission Unknown | Group 2


Insect Catcher.  
How bugs can you get before the countdown gets to 0?

To Load type;
'load INSECT'

There is a bug in this program and it will not load in the user defined graphics.
To get around this type ;

11272 80 bload UDGS

Then type and enter 'INSECT' to run the game.

Move left = R
Move right = T
Move up = Q

Surround - MIA

Grand Prix - MIA

Screen shot.

Insect Catcher