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Full title Dodge
Year of release 1983
Publisher Brian Bates
Producer / Author(s) Brian Bates
Memory 19k
Type Utility
Cost : unreleased
Download Dodge [CRC32 11885AD1] Distribution Permission Allowed | Group 1


© BJ Bates
Nov 1983

Dodge is a game for one player, use key 5,6,7 and 8 to move "gulper" across the lanes. Eat the food for points and eat one of the barrels for mystery points.

"Dodge was inspired by a game called Dodge 'em on the old Atari video game console. I played it a couple of times at a friends, and enjoyed it so when I got home I set about writing my own copy."

To load type:

load Dodge run

5 - Left, 6 - Up

7 - Down, 8 - Right

Screen shots