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Lunar Lander (Astrian Descent)

Full title Lunar Lander (Astrian Descent)
Year of release 1983
Publisher B Bates
Producer / Author(s) B Bates
Memory 19k
Type Game
Cost : unreleased
Download Lander [CRC32 9AFD2763]
Distribution Permission Allowed | Group 1


Lunar Lander (Astrian Descent)

To load type:

load Lander run

Controls: Cursor keys 5 and 8

A version of the classic Lunar Lander. Can you land your lunar module on the landing pad that moves from left to right on a rotating lunar surface.

All you have is the 5 and 8 keys to control your craft which move you up-left or up-right respectively. Try and avoid hitting any asteroids, and you have limited fuel which you use up when you press the 5 or 8 key. Run out of fuel, and you crash.

Screen shots

Start screen in action game shot

Hi score screen crashed message