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Light Racer

Full title Light Racer
Year of release 1983
Publisher Brian Bates
Producer / Author(s) Brian Bates
Memory 19k
Type Game
Cost : unreleased
Download Light Racer [CRC32 A1CE6054]
Distribution Permission Allowed | Group 1


Light Racer
© BJ Bates
October 1983

Light Racer is a two player game. The players must battle to remain alive for as long as possible without hitting the trail of the "Acian energy" left by the opponent or one of the four walls.

The Players guide their craft in four directions by rotating to the left or right using one of two keys. Both Players scores are incremented while you are alive, but once crashed your score remains unchanged. The game continues until both of you have crashed. The Highest score is kept in the Hi-score table.

To load type:

load LightRacer run


Player 1 : rotate left key 1, rotate right key 2

Player 2 : rotate left key 9, rotate right key 0

Screen shots

Start Screen