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Full title Owler
Year of release 1983
Publisher Callisto Software
Producer / Author(s) Neil & John Talbot
Memory 19k
Type Game
Cost : £4.50
Download Owler [CRC32 16D3DB54]
Distribution Permission Allowed | Group 1



Neil Talbot © 1983.

The aim of the game is to guess a 5 letter word chosen by the computer. You do this by collecting the lettered eggs from the nests with your owl. Carry them up to the slots and drop them in.
If your letter is later in the alphabet than the correct letter you will get a ← symbol meaning you need a letter nearer 'A'.
→ is the opposite. If you get a letter right you will get a tick √ .

Hit the gremlin and you die!

To load type:

load owler loading


up - B , down - m.

left - z , right - c.

N - to pick an egg.

x - to drop an egg.

Screen shots

1   2


Cassette Body