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Quick Draw

Full title Quick Draw
Year of release 1983
Publisher Brian Bates
Producer / Author(s) Brian Bates
Memory 19k
Type Game
Cost : unreleased/Never sold
Download Quick Draw [CRC32 407BFC07]
Distribution Permission Allowed | Group 1


Quick Draw

© BJ Bates

Nov 1983

Quick-draw is a game for 2 players.

Both players have control of a gun-stinger which can be made to move upwards and downwards whilst also moving his firing arm and firing his gun.

The screen will display both players and cacti, which may provide cover.

Each player has 10 rounds with which to Kill his opponent.

The game consists of 15 ''DRAWS' and the winner is the player, who at the end of the 15 draws, has the more points. Points are awarded at the end of each draw as follows-

200 pts for surviving a draw 20 pts for each round Left
Bullets Fired at cacti will be blocked but will remove parts of the cacti that they hit.
A draw continues until either a gunslinger is shot or both players have run out of shots.

To load type:

load Quick-draw run

Each player must control 5 Keys and these are as follows-


  S         GUN UP       K
  X         GUN DOWN     M
  A         FIRE         L
  1         MAN UP       0 (Zero key)
  Q         MAN DOWN     O

Screen shots

Title screen Instructions screen 1

Instructions screen 2 Control keys

In game action More in game action