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Adv A: Planet Of Death

Full title Adv A: Planet Of Death
Year of release 1981 [ACE Version updated 2010]
Publisher Artic Computing Ltd

Ace Version Jupiter Ace Archive Team [JAAT]
Producer / Author(s) Artic Computing Ltd
Memory 19K
Type Game
Cost PD
Download Adv A [CRC32 BE592562]
Distribution Permission Allowed | Group 1


Adv A: Planet Of Death

Load and run the program by entering:

0 0 bload adva 16384 CALL

Adventures are games in which you explore and discover a strange new world without leaving the comfort of your chair. The computer will act as your puppet, eyes and other senses.

You instruct the computer using short sentences, usually verb-noun, and providing the computer understands it will obey your command. If the computer does not understand, then try re-wording the command.

In each location you may find objects which you can manipulate and use in further locations to help you progress on your adventure. When entering your command you may use the DELETE key to erase any letters.

In this adventure you find yourself stranded on an alien planet. Your aim is to escape from this planet by finding your, now captured and disabled, Space Ship.

You will meet various hazards and dangers on your adventure, some natural, some not - all of which you must overcome to succeed.



Screen shots


Opening screen and completion screen shots.

Walk though solution and map.

Tape Inlay

Inlay Mockup by JAAT 2008