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Ace Triple Pack Balloon Pilot

Full title Balloon Pilot
Year of release 1984
Publisher Boldfield Computing
Producer / Author(s) Boldfield Computing
Memory 3K
Type Game
Cost : £6.50
Download Triple Pack [CRC32 1A191482]
Distribution Permission Allowed | Group 1



Load and run the program by entering:

            load balloon get graphics g


M reduces me mass by one sand bag at a time, 1 to 9 operate the burners and control the rate of fuel consumption. 0 turns off the fuel tap.


You must safely land the balloon on the ground at the target on the left. You must not run out of fuel, go higher than 200 metres, reach the edge of the screen or land before the target!

Oh, incidentally, the wind seed changes, as you get higher!

Replay by entering: g

Screen shots

Tape Inlay

Cassette Body