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Full title Blackjack
Year of release 1983
Publisher JRS
Producer / Author(s) JRS
Memory 19k
Type Game
Cost : £6.50
Download BlackJack - MIA


Home Computing Weekly 9 August 1983

19K Jupiter
Ace £6.50

JRS, 15 Wayside Avenue, Worthing, Sussex BNI3 3JU

An effective implementation of the classic game also known as pontoon, twenty-one and even on occasion, vingt-et-un: this is the one Tandy have been giving away free with every TRS80 for ages now and this version is almost as good.
Using a notional four packs of cards, the computer plays banker for one to four players, gives each a (theoretical) twenty pounds, plays ten hands and then cashes up. The winner is of course the richest.
The game keeps track of the cash for each player, and deals out tolerable if somewhat
small graphic presentations of the playing cards.
The instructions could be somewhat bewildering to the novice for neither on the cassette card nor on the screen are the rules clearly set out. It wouldn't have cost much to print them on the card, given the very adequate profit margins on games software, and it is something the customer has a right to expect.
For those new to it, it should make a welcome change from ghosts in mazes and with all the practice the computer can give could even prove profitable in those holiday casinos on the Costa Paquet!

value for money