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Black Island Adventure

Full title Black Island Adventure
Year of release 1984
Publisher Boldfield Computing
Producer / Author(s) Phil Collins & Geoffrey Walker
Memory 19k
Type Game
Cost : £5.95
Download Black Island Adventure [CRC32 0194E70E] Distribution Permission Unknown | Group 2


Load and run the program by entering

load black island

Further instructions telling you when to STOP or re START the tape appear on the screen and should be obeyed immediately. The adventure consists of four chapters in all, the first one taking place in THE PORT (known as section ..por)


To move around, use compass points and up or down. These are entered simply as U D N NE E .... etc. The program also understands a wide range of other commands and these are either single word actions (such as DISEMBARK) or two work phrases (such as KILL PARROT). You can pick up and put down objects using GET,TAKE,DROP etc. and you can check what you are carrying by entering INV (for Inventory). You can check where you are by entering LOOK.

Of course, there are many more useful words which you must discover for yourself ! The program will not allow you to miss out chapters, but it will permit you to move on even though you are not fully equipped to do so ! To complete the adventure in the most successful way is fairly difficult, and provides the player with many hours of fun and frustration.


The first hint is that you should keep accurate records of the places you visit and log the effects of your actions there. It is a good idea to try all possible directions from everywhere in order to build up your knowledge and experience - ready for the next go !
Secondly. certain actions are only possible when you are in the right place and properly equipped (eg. you would be expected to have a key to open a lock). The first chapter is fairly straightforward, but things become more demanding as you progress. Words which worked once may not anymore, and might even have a different meaning !! Above all, don't give up - and don't get bogged down pursuing a single idea.

Screen shots


Tape Inlay

Tape inlay image

Cassette Body