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Micro Mega Double Tape

Full title Greedy Gobbler & Blowing up the World
Year of release 1983
Publisher Jupiter Cantab
Producer / Author(s) Micromega
Memory 3K
Type Game
Cost : £5.95
Download Greedy Gobbler & Blow Up [CRC32 8306A4EF]
Distribution Permission Allowed | Group 1


Greedy Gobbler

Make sure that the ace has just been switched on and that nothing has been typed in.

Load and run the program by entering

  0 0 bload  a

and do not switch off the tape recorder until you hear the tone.

The programme describes the keys to use to move the gobbler.
You gain points by eating the dots and can kill the hostile guards after eating a star as long as the guards remain. Hollow.

Blowing up the world.

Load the. Program by entering

  load d

Run by entering


indulge you megalomania by dropping bombs on the world with bombing range 1-8 by pressing keys 1-8.

Screen shots

Greedy Gobbler

Blow up the World

Tape Inlay

Cassette Body


Software Review from: Home computing Weekly Oct 25-31, 1983.

Gobbler and
Blowing Up
The World
Jupiter Ace
Jupiter Cantab, Cheshunt Building, Bateman Street, Cambridge CH2 ILZ

As an example of what you can do with comparatively few bytes of machine code this is not had, providing you think it was worth doing in the first place.
   For yes, this is yet another version of our dear old friend dots. maze, mouth, ghosts, .... get the picture? With the usual sound accompaniments, rather like a mouse being electrocuted.
  When a ghost --- or is it a gook? - bears down on the munchiemouth to pacmanize him, there comes a sort of paralysis over our gobbling pal. He no longer responds to the keys.
  This increases the difficulty of the game somewhat, but patient players will doubtless find a way round the problem.
  Bowing Up the World is a tedious, silly game in which keys 1 to 8 bear a rather vague relationship to "bombs" which are released at various points on a Mercator projection.
  If you persevere you can eventually delete the lot; this, it is claimed you can "indulge your megalomania."        C.M

instructions	75%
play-ability    50%
graphics        80%
value for money	50%