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Overtaker and Brands Hatch

Full title Overtaker and Brands Hatch
Year of release 1983
Publisher Jupiter Cantab
Producer / Author(s) Micromega
Memory 3K
Type Game
Cost : £5.00
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[CRC32 B784542F]
Distribution Permission Allowed | Group 1



Load the program by entering

load c

Run by entering


Steer the car round the race course following the instructions displayed by the program.

Brands Hatch

Load the program by entering

load f

Run by entering


Steer the car round the race course following the instructions displayed by the programme.

Screen shots

Overtaker and Brandshatch

Tape Inlay

Cassette Body


Software Review from: Home computing Weekly No 35, November 1-7, 1983.

Overtaker /
Brands Hatch
Jupiter Ace

Jupiter Cantab, Cheshunt Building, Bateman Street, Cambridge CB2 1LZ

Overtaker provides you with a large racing car on a straight trick where, against a constantly decrementing clock, you seek to press on with piling up the points, which accrue only so long as you avoid a collision with an indeterminate number of smaller cars the keep coming up in your path.
  If you do hit one, everything but the clock stops and lose time. You can boost the speed as your skill increases and theirs no fuzz on the road!
  Brands Hatch provides an on-
screen replication of the famous circuit and a timer, but any resemblance to actual motor racing ends there. You control by means of two key the direction of a fast moving pawn which rotates about its vertical axis in a most disconcerting way.
  At various points on the track its progress is impeded by groups of parked fellow pawns, which never happens even at Monza!
  But if you can forget about cars and treat the game as simply a difficult piece of manoeuvring, it becomes quite a challenge and is certainly fast enough - because it is Forth - for anyone.
instructions	70%
play ability	65%
graphics		80%
value for money	70%