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Zombies & Potholes.

Full title Zombies & Potholes.
Year of release 1983
Publisher Jupiter Cantab
Producer / Author(s) Julian Tippett
Memory 19k
Type Game
Cost : £5.95
Download Zombies & Potholes. [CRC32 AF14DBD0]
Distribution Permission Allowed | Group 1


Load the program by entering

  load zombpot

Run by entering


Full instructions are displayed by the program.

Screen shots



Tape Inlay

Cassette Body


Zombies and
Jupiter Ace
Plus 16K

Jupiter Cantab. Cheshunt Building. Bateman Street. Cam. bridge CB2 I LZ

When you consider how much games software is simply a rehash, it would be nice to be able to give a big welcome to something even slightly different.
This game moves a "man" in flight from voracious zombies. The aim is to manoeuvre a pothole between the man and the zombie. so the latter falls into it and gets deleted. Difficulty level
can be changed by varying parameters.
Incredible on a FORTH machine, this game is rather slow and with eight keys to control it, more or less has to be. If it went faster it could become unpalatable, but as it is I soon got bored and tended to let my man fall down the pothole too.
The program then prints an excitingly rude message. Should wow them in the first schools, but not really a program for adults.

value for money
Review From Home Computing Weekly 26 July 1983