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Full title Utilities Tape - centronics
Year of release 1985
Publisher Boldfield Computing
Producer / Author(s) Charles Wehner
Memory 3k
Type AceForth Word
Original Cost £9.89
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There are two words saved on the Utilities cassette to permit standard printers to be driven by the Jupiter ACE via the PRINTER CARD.

People who have previously purchased the PRINTER CARD will be familiar with the style of the software controls outlined in the item's User Manual.

The software provided here is similar but more advanced in operation, and does not require the board initialisation procedure given in the manual.

For Centronics parallel printers, load the appropriate word (load centronics), and you will have two new commands in the dictionary.

CENTRONICS is the command to divert what would normally appear on the screen to the printer, and BYE is the command to switch back to normal screen display.

There is an in-built protection against the computer 'hanging' should the printer go 'off-line' (an extended BUSY signal) during a printing sequence.

After a period of about 2 seconds the display is automatically reverted to the screen. If you wish to modify the duration of this feature, enter:
where n is the time in seconds (approximately).
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