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Full title Cargen
Year of release 1983
Publisher ERE
Producer / Author(s) ERE
Memory 3K
Type Utility
Cost : £?.??
Download Cargen [CRC32 964F4441]
Distribution Permission Allowed | Group 2


Enter: load cargen "enter"

This program makes it possible to define and save on cassette your own characters. All the characters of Jupiter ACE can be redefined, but taking into account the limited memory available without extension, only characters 1 to 8 could be saved to cassette.


- As soon as the program is loaded, to type:
191 15384 C! 63 15385 C! QUIT "enter".
- To launch the program by followed "GO" of "enter".

- keys 5 has 8 direct the cursor, key 0 positions or erases one cell white, key 9 records the character.

16319 64 BSAVE NAME "enter"
The "NAME" can any name given by you for this character set.)
- to reload these characters into the memory of Ace enter:

11272 0 BLOAD NAME "enter"
(For more information, refer to chapter 12 of the ACE Manual.)

Screen shots

Tape Inlay

Cassette Body