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Casse Briques

Full title Casse Briques
Year of release 1983
Publisher ERE
Producer / Author(s) ERE
Memory 3K
Type Game
Cost : £?.??
Download Casse Briques [CRC32 96B2C740]
Distribution Permission Unknown | Group 2



To Load the program Type : 8928 0 bload bricks

CASSE-BRIQUES is of course a version of the Breakout game for the Ace.

The object of the game is the clear the screen of bricks by hitting the ball at the bricks with your racket.

Move your racket with control keys 5 and 8.

To replay:
Type: N jeu "enter" ( eg 5 jeu starts the game with 5 balls) Or N is the number of balls wished to use.

Screen shots


Tape Inlay

Cassette Body