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Champ De Mines

Full title Champ De Mines
Year of release 1983
Publisher ERE
Producer / Author(s) ERE
Memory 3K
Type Game
Cost : £?.??
Download Champ De Mines [CRC32 40AB1848]
Distribution Permission Unknown | Group 2



To Load the program Type : 8928 0 bload Mines "enter"

At the start of play the goal of is to cross the minefield while avoiding the mines!

You start at the bottom of the screen and must use the keys 5 to 8 to move towards the exit.

NB: There is a non-dangerous zone on the lines at the two ends of the plan of play. The score indicates the number of moves carried out until you reach the exit.

To replay, enter: N jeu "enter" (eg 1 jeu will start the game with 10 mines.) N is the number of tens of mines present in the fields.

Good luck

Screen shots


Tape Inlay

Cassette Body