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FontEd 2

Full title FontEd 2
Year of release 2007
Publisher Ricardo Fernandes Lopes
Producer / Author(s) Ricardo Fernandes Lopes
Memory 19k
Type Utility
Cost : PD
Download FontEd 2 [CRC32 EA9708B4]
Distribution Permission Allowed | Group 1


This new FontEd version adds the commands Copy, Paste and Invert And the Clear command was re-mapped to the X key

Load and run FontEd v.2 with:
LOAD fonted2 FED
Use the following keys to control the editor:

I,J,K,L Move the Cursor
T Toogle the selected pixel
C Copy current char to the clipboard
V Paste clipboard contents to the current character
Z Invert all pixels of a character
X Clear all pixels of the current character
P Select the previous character
N Select the next character
A Select a character by it's ASCII code
Q Quit the program

After creating/editing your fonts, quit (Q) the editor and save on tape using:


To load back a font file and edit it again use:


To use a font file in a program you can load it directly to the character generator memory with:

11264 1024 BLOAD myfont
To save only a subset of the entire font set use the words FROM and TO.

Example: Saving from ASCII 65 to 90 (only the uppercase chars)
65 FROM 90 TO BSAVE uppercase
Load it back to edit with:

65 FROM 90 TO BLOAD uppercase FED

Screen shots