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Full title Frogger
Year of release 1984
Publisher John Kennedy [Plasma Software]
Producer / Author(s) John Kennedy [Plasma Software]
Memory 19k
Type Game
Cost : Unreleased
Download Frogger [CRC32 D08DC124]
Distribution Permission Allowed | Group 1



Guide your frog across the road, avoiding the cars and trucks. Then guide him across the logs and turtles onto one of the five lily-pads.
To control the frog, use the cursor keys. Yon have three frogs to play the game with. When you fill all five lily-pads, you have cleared a sheet and move onto a harder level.

NB, If you accidentally stop the game, start it again with the word G.

To Load and run the game type:

LOAD frogger g

Use Ace Cursors Keys to move your frog

Tip: When Frogger has loaded type graphics, to setup the game graphics then type game Frogger will now run with EightyOne emulator.
On a real Ace there is no problems and the game runs correctly.

Screen shots


John's Advert from Popular Computing Weekly 14-20 April 1983.