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Full title Mastermind
Year of release 1983
Publisher Hamsoft
Producer / Author(s) A Hinkly
Memory 16K
Type Game
Cost : £3.00
Download Mastermind [CRC32 79AFEAF3]
Distribution Permission Allowed | Group 2


Mastermind - instructions.

To Load the game type;

Load codebreake
To Start Game type 'GO'

You have 10 guesses to break the four digit code using number 1 to 6.
Make your guess with keys 1 to 6

A solid o indicates a correct number but in the wrong order.
A o indicates the number is in the correct place.

Screen shots


Advert in Popular Computing weekly 24-30 March, 1983

Advert in Popular Computing weekly 17-23 February, 1983