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jace - Code editor

Full title jace - Code editor
Year of release 2011
Publisher Jay Skeer/JAAT
Producer / Author(s) Jay Skeer/JAAT
Memory 19k
Type Utility
Cost : GNU - General Public License
Download Jace Editor [CRC32 D2F04E43]
Distribution Permission Allowed | Group 1


Jace - is a screen editor for the Jupiter Ace. All version we have are are in the zip file along with Jays CMOVE code.

We are not sure if there will be another version with the last known one is Version 8.22

Edit 32 x 32 blocks Use 23 lines of the screen (24 w/o status line) Undo

All commands are entered with the shift key held down. The keys on the top row work except for DELETE LINE.

ED word to edit a word.
I,J,K,L - movement around the screen.
H - deletes
Q - Quits
O - Opens a line
W - exits feeding FORTH the screen.
E Pauses, resume with RED at the OK prompt

Screen shots

Jace help1 V719   Jace help2 V719

Jace V719 in action