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Utilities Tape - lprint

Full title lprint
Year of release 1985
Publisher Boldfield Computing
Producer / Author(s) Charles Wehner
Memory 3K
Type Utility
Cost : £9.98
Download lprint [CRC32 FAC416C1]
Distribution Permission Allowed | Group 1


This routine is called LPRINT (load lprint) which provides the three commands LPRINT, BYE and TAB. LPRINT directs everything that would normally be seen on screen to the printer.

In fact the "OK" which confirms execution of the command is the first thing to be printed. The diversion continues until you enter BYE which switches the computer back to normal screen display.

A typical use might be to list your own programs; the sequence would be :-

LOAD lprint
LOAD program
LIST 1st-word
LIST 2nd-word
LIST last-word

TAB is a modified version of TAB as shown on page 75 of the ACE manual and works on both the screen and the printer, hence :-

16 TAB ." Hello"

would cause. Hello to be displayed near the centre of the screen or, if in LPRINT mode printed near the centre of the paper.

For the complete instruction download the PDF manual.

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