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Moon Buggy.

Full title Moon Buggy.
Year of release 1984
Publisher John Kennedy [Plasma Software]
Producer / Author(s) John Kennedy [Plasma Software]
Memory 19k
Type Game
Cost : (never sold) PD
Download Moon Buggy [CRC32 6FF5FA00]
Distribution Permission Allowed | Group 1



In the game you control Sam the spaceman's Moon buggy, and its up to you to get him to Fred's house.

The buggy will crash if you let it fall down a pothole, run over a mine, hit a rock or wall, or if the nasty aliens hit you with a missile.

You have 3 lives, extra lives are given if you reach Fred's house. Further instructions are given in the program. Good Luck!

To Load and run the game type:

LOAD moonbuggy g

Q . . Missile
A . . Laser
W . . Pause Game
I . . .Left
A . . Laser

S . . Restart Game
G . . Game
O . . Jump
R . . Right
G . . GO!

Screen shots

Tape Inlay

John's Inlay for Moonbuggy made on a ZX Printer.


John's Advert from Popular Computing Weekly 14-20 April 1983.