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Morse Code Tutor.

Full title Morse Code Tutor.
Year of release unknown
Publisher unknown
Producer / Author(s) unknown
Memory 19k
Type Education/Utility
Cost : unknown
Download Morse Code Tutor [CRC32 83324375]
Distribution Permission Allowed | Group 1


I have no idea who or when this software was made but from listing the Ace Forth words in the program we have found the following information.

There are 4 program; morse_1, morse_2, morse_tuto1, and morse_tuto2. They appear to be the same program in different stages of development.
The following Forth words are from the most complete file morse_tuto2.

GO - Starts the program, calls TUTOR.
TUTOR - Main program loop.
GROUPS - Prints groups of letters or numbers to screen as Morse code also beeps the code.
NUMBERS - Prints numbers as Morse code to screen and beeps the code.
FIGURES - Prints figures to screen as Morse code and beeps code.
WORDS - Prints words to screen as Morse code and beeps code.
TEST - prints Morse code to the screen one letter at a time.
TEST3 - prompts you to enter a letter then print input to screen and beeps the code.
TEST4 - as TEST3 but loops, Test4 just calls Test3 in a loop.

Screen shots