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Nuclear Invaders

Full title Nuclear Invaders
Tear of release 2013
Publisher Dancresp
Producer / Author(s) Dancresp
Memory 19k
Type Game
Cost : PD
Download Nuclear Invaders [CRC32 8BCCABA1]
Distribution Permission Allowed | Group 1


Nuclear Invaders

The invaders of space return !!!

In the year 1977 they tried to invade the cities of the earth, and they failed. Now they return with an evil plan: destroy the nuclear power plants to leave the planet uninhabitable. With the help of our tank we must avoid that they fulfill their objective.

Each level is made up of 30 invaders, and when it is overcome, a larger central will appear and the invaders must travel less distance to reach it.

Destroy the UFO that appears at the top to get extra points.

Press "RETURN" on the presentation screen to start the game.

ATTENTION !!! The game requires a computer with memory expansion (19 KB minimum).

The keys
Left: Z, Right: X,
Fire: Enter

To Load type
load ninvaders

to run the game enter 'run'

Screen Shots

image image