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Utilities Tape RS232

Full title RS232
Year of release 1985
Publisher Boldfield Computing
Producer / Author(s) Charles Wehner
Memory 3K
Type Utility
Cost : £9:89
Download RS232 [CRC32 FAC416C1]
Distribution Permission Allowed | Group 1


Serial interfacing [RS232] is more awkward because the data structure and transmission speed between the computer and the printer must be exactly matched.

When you load the appropriate word (load rs232) you will have three new commands in the dictionary. RS232 which diverts the screen display to the printer, BYE which returns to normal, and SET232 a program to modify the serial configuration.

To modify the current serial status, enter:


The current configuration is displayed (3 bits, 2 stop, 1200 baud) and the user is prompted to modify each parameter in turn. You must enter a valid response to each prompt in full, even if it is the same as the current value – an error condition will occur if you enter inappropriate or null data. When all four parameters are set (number of data bits, parity, number of stop bits, baud rate) the program executes RS232 with the revised configuration.

To save this for Further use, enter:


(to regain screen display) and SAVE filename (it might he a good idea to use the device name as a filename, such as SAVE EPSON-80 )

There are a few features of SET232 which are worth noting. The current mode of the computer (INVIS, HEX etc.) is temporarily stored while SET232 goes through its paces, and is restored on completion.

Hence, parameter values are always displayed and entered in ordinary decimal format.

The baud rate is strictly not infinitely variable, but must coincide with integer divisions. Whilst common speeds (900, 1200 etc.) are not a problem, rates at either end of the range may appear incorrect.

For example, if you reguested the highest speed of 9600, the computer will display 9910 (which is more accurate, hut nominally the same). If you want very low speeds, these may he entered including a decimal point (eg. 45.5), but then you will also need to alter the SET232 program by removing the UFLOAT operation.

In common with the CENTRONICS option, the RS232 software includes a facility for automatic return to screen display in the event of the printer sending a long BUSY signal luring transmission.

The time delay is initially 2 seconds, but may he altered by:

n FIND RS232 265 + !

where n is the time in seconds (approximately).

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