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Teach Yourself Forth On The Jupiter Ace.

Full title Teach Yourself Forth On The Jupiter Ace.
Year of release 1982
Publisher Viscount
Producer / Author(s) Viscount
Memory 3K
Type Educational
Cost : 5.95
Download Teach YSFOTJA [CRC32 B4EC23AA]
Distribution Permission Allowed | Group 1



(1) Set up computer as described in your manual.
(2) Type load forth and press ENTER.
(3) Press PLAY on cassette recorder.
(4) When OK appears on the screen. press STOP on cassette recorder immediately.
(5) Type f and press ENTER. The course title will then be displayed for a few seconds and the course will begin.
(6) To end a lesson press c (little c).
(7) The computer will now display 'LOAD FILENAME', where FILENAME is the name of the next lesson to be loaded. OK will appear at the bottom of the screen.
(8) Now type forget lesson and press ENTER.
(9) To load the next lesson, type load filename and press ENTER. Note filename is the name of the lesson as mentioned in 7.
(10) Follow instructions 3 to 8 for loading all subsequent lessons and sample programs.


Title and instructions 		load forth
Introduction 			load intro
The stack			load lesson1
Arithmetic			load lesson2
The word			load lesson3
DUP	 			load lesson4
OVER				load lesson5
SWAP & DROP			load lesson6
ROT				load lesson7
DIVISION		        load lesson8
Description of example program	load lesson9
Example program			load program
Defining words			load lesson10
IF ... THEN ... ELSE		load lesson11
Loops 1 		        load lesson12
Loops 2 		        load lesson13
Loops 3				load lesson14
Constants 			load lesson15
Variables			load lesson16
Keyboard 1 			load lesson17
Keyboard 2 			load lesson18
Sound	 			load lesson19
Plot 1 	 			load lesson20
Plot 2 				load lesson21
Floating Point Numbers		load lesson22
The end				load lesson23
SAMPLE PROGRAMS Tables load tables Tune load tune Guess load guess

Screen shots


Tape Inlay

Cassette Body