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Full title Turbo
Year of release 1984
Publisher John Kennedy [Plasma Software]
Producer / Author(s) John Kennedy [Plasma Software]
Memory 19k
Type Game
Cost : unreleased/Never sold
Download Turbo [CRC32 DFA238A9]
Distribution Permission Allowed | Group 1



Steer your Formula 1 racing along the circuit, avoiding the other car and sides of the track. The radar at the side of the screen shows your car (left) in relation to the computer's car. Bonus points are given for each successful lap.

The game loads in two parts first type:

LOAD turbo g
then type
store track


5 - Move left
6 - Move right
0 - decelerate
9 - accelerate

Screen shots


John's Advert from Popular Computing Weekly 14-20 April 1983.